Our Mission

Our mission at the Veteran’s Combat Center is to help our veterans. Our motto is '“Fighting for our veterans” and we mean that both literally and figuratively. Training martial arts and combat sports aid veterans facing mental health issues, builds brotherhood, and giving veterans a new mission as we prepare our communities for natural and man made disasters. Volunteer veterans will go out into the community to assist those in need in the event of an emergency situation. We’ll also be figuratively fighting for veterans by working to provide shelter for homeless veterans and veterans struggling financially so that they can save up for a home of their own, as well as supporting the health of veterans through exercise and by providing veterans with organic homegrown fruits and vegetables.

What We've Achieved

  • The VCC currently has veterans working together training Goju Ryu Karate, supporting each other, and working towards a state of physical, and mental health

  • Saved up several weeks of food to assist local veterans in the event of man made or natural disaster to make sure local veterans have food in the event of an emergency, and planted a garden to share healthy organic vegetables with community veterans.