I have started a security job at a healthcare facility. Previously I had thought of such facilities as being fairly quiet places. Obviously when someone comes in with a life threatening injury or disease, things can get loud and chaotic, but that’s not what I mean. I wasn’t informed of the regularity that security there had to go hands on with patients or visitors during my interview, but in my first week on the job I had to respond to five calls for assistance to restrain patients for various reasons. In one case the situation was deescalated by the time I got there. My job is to ensure my own safety, the safety of the staff members, the patients, and property.

This brings me into part 3 of this mini-series. For self defense, a punch, a kick, an arm break or even choking someone out, may not be appropriate, so you’ll need standing grappling. Much of the same curriculum that is covered by martial arts like Aikido, or Daitoryu. Luckily karate has such techniques, so we can add those into our self defense training, but can an entertaining rule set for competition (both for spectators and competitors) include and even encourage standing grappling through the use of wrist locks, arm locks, and other control techniques? The first question is fairly easy to answer. Yes a rule set can allow, but it becomes more difficult to craft a rule set that will encourage it equally to grappling on the ground or stand up striking.

As the VCC grows and gains students, and as those students progress I will be tweaking and changing our rule set for our full contact sparring to see what will best encourage fighters to do more than just clinch in regards to standing grappling, and the training program will be adjusted accordingly.